Our Story

The Austin Daniel story is a story of being on the outside looking in—and it’s the story of knowing that there’s a better, bolder and more beautiful way to appeal to today’s sophisticated consumer.

When Founder Austin Schmidt set foot in a popular luxury boutique, he expected to find exactly what he was looking for—the perfect leather accessory to complement his style and his day-to-day needs. But that day, he didn’t find that perfect bag or belt or wallet. In fact, browsing the shop he couldn’t find a single piece he wanted to take home. He left, frustrated but inspired. Because that day, Austin found the inspiration to turn the tables on the luxury market—to create a collection that he couldn’t find at that boutique, or at any boutique anywhere in the world.

From that inspiration came a new collection of leather accessories designed for the most discerning global buyers. Each piece is handcrafted from authentic alligator, for a sleek and sophisticated look that lasts a lifetime. For Austin, this inaugural line accomplished what the industry power players couldn’t bringing together, unparalleled style and quality that is as timeless as it is effortlessly on-trend.

Today, Austin Daniel offers nine unique collections including wallets, handbags, luggage and small leather accessories. Every piece can be personalized, with a variety of custom hardware, fabrication and color choices—contact Austin Daniel to learn more.